Yoona Kim

Yoona Kim is a Boston based ajaeng player, composer, and improviser. Her performances are deeply rooted in the richness of Korean court and folk music, juxtaposed with delicate noise, the soulful depths of traditional blues, and the dynamism of contemporary music. As a creative force, Yoona's evolving style weaves together the threads of tradition and innovation, forging a path that explores radical, non-linear temporalities. Her ajaeng stylings are both assertive and intuitive, honed over countless performances that have resonated with national and international audiences.


      ②up-coming event

      Mar 1 2024, Roman Bartern-Sherman X Yoona Kim, Mount Pleasant Home, Boston, MA
      Mar 7 2024, Mina Cho Lecture, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA
      MAr 10 2024, Yoona Kim Solo Improvistion, The Lilypad, Boston, MA
      Mar 17 2024, Chris Cochrane : How Will We Recognize Each Other, Part II, Roulette Intermedium, Brookline, NY
      Mar 21 2024, Greg Kelly X Yoona Kim Duo Improvisation, Boston, MA
      Apr 4 2024, Yoona Kim Recital, Pierce Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, MA
      Apr 11 2024, Sound Bite Yoona Kim, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston, MA
      Apr 12 2024, Lecture : Korean Music, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
      Apr 14 2024, Anthony Coleman X Yoona Kim Duo, Ran Blake House Concert, Boston, MA

      ③ album

      Coming Soon 2024!

      ④ lesson

      Ajaeng Lesson

      In person / Zoom

      50 min

      - Folk Ajaeng (8 string ajaeng) for Sanjo and folk song(southern, central region, easthern) | modern repertoires
      - Court Ajaeng (10 string ajaeng) for Jung Ak | modern repertories
      - 12 string ajaeng for contemporary repertoires (jazz, improvisation etc)

      * Currently, I am selling one 8 stirng ajaeng, if you are interested in buying and having a lesson it would be great chance to get one

      ⑤ contact

      kimuna91 (at) gmail (dot) com


      past event

      ⑥ Band Work 

      Delta DoKkaeBi (2022~), the United State

      Bringing together the two different genres of music of Korean music and American blues, Yoona Kim and Roman Barten-Sherman present an innovative way to synthesize Korean Tradition Music with American Blues through their contemporary and multicultural ways. Delta DoKkaeBi is awared 2023 EM grant from New England Conservatory.

      MODERN GAGOK 모던가곡 (2016~), South Korea

      MODERNGAGOK is a creative music group that tells the stories of today’s young people in modern and uniquely Korean sounds and styles. Since its launch in 2017, the group has presented works and shows that resonate with general music listeners. Its collaboration, based on Korea’s creative music, with artists from diverse genres such as play, video-making, dance, and art has earned the band a reputation for expressing today’s sensitivity in a multi-sensory way. ModernGagok issued their first album 〈MODERNGAGOK〉 in 2017 and an EP titled 〈A Day in Kim’s Life〉 in 2021. Having been named Artist of the Month at Cheongchun Manbal (Seoul Youth Art & Jeongdong Theater) and Surim New Wave Artist in 2019, the ensemble is reaching music fans across places and generations through Great Arts in Your Front Yard projects in 2021.Yoona Kim is an ajaeng performer, composer, and an artistic director in MODERNGAGOK. 

      Correnteza (2022~), the United State
      Correnteza is setting out on a journey to explore some new sounds drawing on the deep waters of our different backgrounds in global folk traditions.

      paulownia(2021-2022), the United State
      paulownia is an ecperimental zither trio. formed at new england conservatory in 2021, our music explores improvisation, electroacoustics, noise and tradition.

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